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World of Greek Wine program

by Sydney Wine Academy | May 03, 2017
The Sydney Wine Academy offers highly sought after courses on Greek Wines.

Greek Wine Course 1

Greece has one of the longest wine histories in the world, dating back 5000 years, and an amazing 300 indigenous grape varieties. There are 33 major PDO regions and 120 PGI's but it still remains mostly undiscovered and off the radar of many wine lovers. 

The Academy worked with the official arm of the Greek wine industry the National Inter-Professional Organisation of Vine and Wine of Greece to develop two courses for Australian wine professionals and keen amateurs. 

 Level 1 - is an introductory course and explains the most popular indigenous grape varieties and their regions over 4 hours. 

 Level 2 -  this course runs for 9 hours and follows on from level 1. It systematically covers the rich history and unique terroir of the regions whilst tasting a wider range of grape varieties that make up this fascinating country. 

See our Greek Wine Programs page  or register your interest in these courses now by contacting the academy on sydneywineacademy@tafensw.edu.au.